Cosmetics Skin, Beauty, Hair Care -Developed with Innovation, Customized with Cutting Edge technology, Catapulted towards a Billion dollar beauty market, Encapsulated consumer health and Bourgeois skin care.

High Heels Cosmetics, in its French translation, Le Talon Haut Des Produits Cosmétique is beyond a fashion house and starts its journey made with the business-critical decision to launch 26 brands via single, centralized analytics platforms and clear distribution channel deployment plans by an experienced professional team built on customized solutions to serve four continents worldwide.

The evolution of the brand, High Heels Cosmetics, comes from a depiction of the literal meaning of bourgeoisie is a social class, equivalent to the middle or upper class or “haute” as in ‘haute couture”. They are distinguished from, and traditionally contrasted with the proletariat by their affluence and their great cultural and financial capital. They are sometimes divided into grande, haute, and ancient bourgeoisie and collectively designated as “the bourgeoisie”. We connect this with the richness of our products, the stability of this partnership and the value we give in the production and development of our formulas from our airjet velvet lipsticks to our modern rich range of hair color with Hello Bubble and innovation, our Vitabrid C12 Beauty in Science range.




High Heels Cosmetics is the latest and greatest brand we present to you, always striving for perfection. Your beauty is our solace. It is our intention to know that our products, which are offered to the marketplace in a very qualitative manner, will be your best friend, and we place a high emphasis on dependability.

We believe that beauty is not just about achieving perfection but about embracing diversity and inclusivity. We strive to break down gender norms and empower individuals to express themselves freely. Our commitment to these values drives our passion for creating beauty products that are accessible to everyone.


Exquisitely designed using 100% trusted and natural ingredients, the products deliver superb moisture and beauty protection


The glorious and infinite richness contained in the top-notch ingredients performs miracles on the skin and hair.


Entails no harmful chemicals or bleaching components and provides a stunning look without utilizing any artificial components.